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Yo nimo Kimyou na Monogatari: 2022 Summer Special

Special / Yo nimo Kimyou na Monogatari: 2022 Summer Special /

Yo nimo Kimyou na Monogatari: 2022 Summer Special (2022)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2022
Air Dates Jun 18, 2022
Episodes 1
Network(s) Fuji TV
Official Site
Licensed No


Story 1 – This or that Ginza Yusuke Hatori and his father Akio catch a “wild rich man”, a Japanese millionaire, in a park in Ginza and decide to keep him at home. Yusuke’s mother, Mitsuko, is disappointed when Yusuke decides to keep it as a birthday present, but she approves. However, Japanese millionaires are very particular about Ginza and have a very troublesome lifestyle, such as not accepting anything other than tableware and food bought in Ginza… The story of such the “rich man” and Yusuke’s strange summer begins.

Story 2 – Sing along the Melody (Uncertain about her first name) An office worker, Kanoumi Murano, suddenly suffers from a strange disease called “brain melody syndrome,” which causes her brain to react abnormally if she does not act in accordance with the music playing in her brain, leading to her death in the worst case. With no cure for this unknown disease, which has only a few cases, Kanoumi is at the mercy of melodies of various genres playing in her brain wherever she goes, whether she is in a meeting or on her way home. One day, Kanoumi, who is scared of not knowing when a melody will play in her brain, meets Mitsuru Shindo, who is rumored to be a weirdo at her company…

Story 3 – Otodokemono (Delivery) One evening, web designer Takuya Yamabe and nurse Yukari Yamabe are looking for an app on their smartphones to make a delivery and happen to find one called “Otodokemono”. The app was an excellent app that could ask for anything and deliver it in seconds. Takuya is suspicious of this application but tries it out and places an order. Then, indeed, seconds later, the intercom at the front door rang and a sexy-looking delivery young lady came to deliver the order. They are surprised at how quickly it works, and gradually are drawn to the app and begin to use it on a daily basis…

Story 4 – Pretending to be on a call Nozomi Kawasaki pretends to be “on a call” with her dad in order to fend off being picked on. One night, a pick-up man shows up and she pretends to be on a phone call with her father as usual, but he sees right through her and takes her phone. When the man put his ear to Nozomi’s phone, he found that she was really connected to her father, who passed away when she was 11 years old…

Translation: ECOTVSubs at MyDramaList



  • Tamori as Storyteller
  • Lead Role
  • Matsuda Yuga as Hatori Yusuke (22)
  • Support Role
  • Somehow Ginza
  • Inaba Yu as Shindo Mitsuru
  • Support Role
  • On the Melody
  • Miura Ryota as Yamada Takashi
  • Support Role
  • On the Melody
  • Kimura Ryu as Rescuer
  • Support Role
  • On the Melody
  • Moriguchi Yoko as Nozomi's mother
  • Support Role
  • Pretending to Be Calling
  • Kamio Yu as Nozomi's father
  • Support Role
  • Pretending to Be Calling
  • Aida Ai
  • Support Role
  • Pretending to Be Calling



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