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Suzuki Sensei no Kekkon Hokoku

Special / Suzuki Sensei no Kekkon Hokoku /

Suzuki Sensei no Kekkon Hokoku (2013)

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2013
Air Dates Jan 1, 2013
Episodes 1
Runtime 90
Timeslot Tuesday at 11:20 pm
Network(s) TV Tokyo
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title 鈴木先生の結婚報告
English Title Suzuki Sensei's Marriage Report


An extra chapter connecting the serial drama and the movie! It is entitled “Suzuki Sensei’s Marriage Report”!
Suzuki Sensei’s most difficult enemy appears…? How will Suzuki Sensei report his “marriage due to birth” to Asami’s parents and get their approval? What to do, what to do, Mr. Suzuki?





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