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Raijingu Jakuchu Tensai Kaku Kakusei Seri

Special / Raijingu Jakuchu Tensai Kaku Kakusei Seri /

Raijingu Jakuchu Tensai Kaku Kakusei Seri (2021)

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2021
Air Dates Jan 2, 2021
Episodes 1
Runtime 75
Timeslot Saturday at 7:20 pm
Network(s) BS4K
Licensed No
Native Title ライジング若冲 天才 かく覚醒せり
English Title Rising Jakuchuu SP


It tells the rise of Ito Jakuchu, a rich merchant turned talented artist in mid-Edo era Kyoto. He receives the support and admiration of his friend and mentor, Zen monk and poet, Daiten Kenjo . An apprentice from a toy shop in town, Iwajiro who longs to become a famous artist himself, envies Jakuchu’s connections and position. Iwajiro, who does not have the same privileged background as that of Jakuchu’s, vows to beat him someday. Other notable artists that they cross paths with are Ikeno Taiga  and his wife, Gyokuran , who both specialize in Chinese ink wash paintings. They are all guided by words of wisdom by the calligrapher, poet, and founder of sencha tea ceremony Baisao. They are but a few of the personalities that make the historical and artistic atmosphere of Edo-era Kyoto, beautiful, rich and alive…





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