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Love Is Phantom Special

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Love Is Phantom Special (2021)

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Country Japan
Season Year Summer 2021
Air Dates Jun 10, 2021
Episodes 2
Licensed Yes
Licensor Link(s)
Native Title ラブファントム SP
English Title Love is Phantom Special


(On Viki, a double of episode 5 is marked as the first special, and the double of episode 10 is the second special) Young and a bit naïve, Momoko Hirasawa is very much like most young women her age. A hardworking employee at a high-end hotel café, Momoko spends her days serving others and her nights at home, alone. With absolutely no dating experience and zero prospects, Momoko wonders if she’ll ever find that “special someone” everyone always seems to be talking about. On the brink of giving up hope, a steamy encounter with a handsome stranger at the hotel’s rooftop observatory changes everything. Unable to forget that moment of passion, Momoko is determined to uncover the identity of her mysterious stranger. Spotting him at work, it doesn’t take long for Momoko to learn that he is none other than Kei Hase, one of the high-ranking employees at the hotel. Convinced he is too far out of her league, Momoko tries to forget him, but the kisses they shared that fateful evening refuse to be forgotten. Approaching Kei, Momoko tries to find some sort of answer to the myriad of questions she has, but every attempt she makes is met with cold indifference. Confused, Momoko tries once again to let Kei go but the harder she tries, the more fate seems to bring them together. Will time help Momoko break through Kei’s cold exterior or will their rooftop kiss become a phantom to forever haunt her?





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