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Yoidore Kotoji

Akame Kotoji became a wandering samurai in order to avenge his lord and the uproar over the stolen lances, settles down at a tenement house in Edo that Kujiya Shouemon owns with the intention of… Read More »Yoidore Kotoji

Grace no Rireki

In her beloved car, “Grace”, a woman dies in an accident. Suspecting infidelity, her husband embarks on a journey to trace the history of the car’s GPS in order to solve the mystery.

Kin Iro no Umi

Hashida Sanae works for an advertising agency in Tokyo but is physically and mentally drained from her work. Sanae and her husband Shinji end up moving back to his parent’s house in Ogata Village, Akita… Read More »Kin Iro no Umi

Konna Hito

Takuya is a middle school health and physical education teacher, and his wife, Sakura, is a manager at a music agency. When they find out Takuya has cancer, they are faced with the choice of… Read More »Konna Hito