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Zero no Oto

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Zero no Oto (2023)

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Country Japan
Season Year 2023
Release Date Apr 27, 2023
Runtime 93
Distributor Hulu
Licensed No
Native Title ゼロの音
English Title The Sound of an Empty Hole in My Heart


Oba Gen (Kawatani Enon), a talented cellist, is diagnosed with focal dystonia and is no longer able to play the cello. Unable to accept the reality, Gen gives up on his musical career. He is hired by the city hall’s welfare department as a mid-career employee, but spends his days idly.


One day, he and his colleague, Kamikokuryo Ito (Hagiwara Minori) visit a house where they meet Tokunaga Osamu (Yamaji Kazuhiro), a cellist Gen admires. Just as trust begins to build between the three of them, Tokunaga dies, leaving behind his cello. Knowing that Tokunaga’s cello is to be disposed, Gen takes some impulsive action. Through his encounters with Ito, Tokunaga and many other people, Gen confronts the empty hole in his heart that he lost his music.





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