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Yuuzai (2018)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2018
Release Date May 25, 2018
Runtime 129
Distributor Gaga Corporation
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title 友罪
English Title My Friend "A"
Alternate Title(s) Friend Sin, Yuzai


Journalist Masuda (Toma Ikuta) quits when a scandalous exposé he wrote directly causes a fatality. Like other individuals escaping an unwanted past, he starts anew as a factory worker out in the country. At work he finds a new friend in Suzuki (Eita), a quiet colleague who reminds him of a childhood friend, an aloof boy who was severely bullied. However, despite their friendship, Masuda’s intuition tells him that Suzuki is hiding a past that’s even darker than his own.

When a juvenile murder case springs up in a nearby town, Masuda’s journalistic instinct kicks in. He starts investigating in his spare time and pieces together clues from the past. All clues lead to only one person: his new friend Suzuki.

With My Friend ‘A’, Takahisa Zeze (The Eight-Year Engagement, The Chrysanthemum and the Guillotine) proves that he is a versatile and masterful storyteller. Zeze expertly uses multiple protagonists and storylines to paint a portrait of a society that’s implicitly biased against granting atonement. Featuring stellar performances from Toma Ikuta, Eita (Mixed Doubles), Kaho (Memoirs of a Murderer, JFF 2017), and Koichi Sato (Six-Four).





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