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Yume wa Ushi no Oisha-san

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Yume wa Ushi no Oisha-san (2014)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2014
Release Date Mar 29, 2014
Runtime 86
Distributor Not Available
Licensed No
Native Title 夢は牛のお医者さん
English Title A Little Girl's Dream


A miraculous documentary that follows a young girl who dreams of becoming a vet and the 26 years that follow to make her dream come true.

An elementary school in Niigata Prefecture implements a hands-on learning program of raising a cow. After having poured all of her energy into caring for the animal, saying goodbye prompts nine-year-old Tomomi on becoming a veterinarian. Even as she grows older, Tomomi remains firm and carries out her studies.

Yoshiaki Tokita first encountered Tomomi when he was a television director, and has since spent 26 years recording her life  resulting in a miraculous documentary that is a moving record of Tomomi’s strong will.





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