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Yokai Daisenso

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Yokai Daisenso (2005)

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Country Japan
Season Year Summer 2005
Release Date Aug 6, 2005
Runtime 124
Distributor Shochiku
Licensed No
Native Title 妖怪大戦争
English Title The Great Yokai War
Theme songs:


A young boy called Tadashi Ino is chosen to be a “Kirin Rider” — one who protects virtuous things from evil spirits. He’s immediately put to the test by Lord Kato Yasunori, a malevolent force who sows chaos and destruction in the countryside. As young children go missing and evil mechanical monsters attack, Tadashi must retrieve a mythical sword from the Great Goblin to save the populace. Standing in his way are mountain-dwelling ghouls.



  • Narumi Riko as Ino Tataru
  • Support Role
  • Tadashi's sister
  • Tsuda Kanji
  • Support Role
  • Tadashi's father; Adult Tadashi



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