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Winny (2023)

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2023
Release Date Mar 10, 2023
Runtime 127
Distributor KDDI, Nakachika
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title ウィニー


In 2002, Kensaku Isamu (Higashide Masahiro) developed Winny, an innovative software built with the purpose to make file sharing easy. After a trial version was released through 2channel, a Japanese online forum, users began exploiting the P2P technology by illegally sharing large amounts of movies, games, and music. While those who distributed pirated content were arrested one after another, Isamu was also taken into custody in 2004 on suspicion of aiding violations to the Copyright Act. Dan Toshimitsu (Miura Takahiro), a lawyer versed in cybercrime, quickly took Isamu’s case upon hearing the news and formed a defense team. But, despite arguing against Isamu’s unconscionable arrest, a guilty verdict was handed down – yet the threads of fate intersect, flourishing into an event that will shake the world.

Based on the true story of one prodigal programar and his lawyer who took on media and political powers to protect the rights and future of developers.





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