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TOCKA (2023)

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2023
Release Date Feb 18, 2023
Runtime 119
Distributor Kamada Film
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title TOCKA タスカー


Based on the true story of an attempted contract killing, the lives of three people intersect over a man’s death wish to leave his daughter behind with insurance money. Tanigawa Shoji (Kaneko Kiyobumi) runs a used electronics store, but with his business at an impasse and living in the wake of his wife’s and son’s deaths, he begins to see purpose in his own death ­— if he can make his suicide appear accidental, his daughter will be left with an insurance payout. Searching for someone to assist in covering up his suicide, he meets Honda Saki (Nahana) — a former singer who’s moved back to her hometown after failing to make it in big.

When she agrees to Shoji’s plan, however, she’s unaware of what else she’ll be helping with: disposing of his wife’s dead body that Shoji has been hiding inside his home. As the two set out to put his late wife to rest — in a vacant lot — Okubo Yukito (Sano Hiroki) bears witness during his own illegal act of improper trash disposal. Saki, who’s lost her purpose, and Yukito, who’s tired of living with an uncertain future, unite in their dispositions to form a pact that will have Shoji meet his maker.



  • Nahana as Honda Saki
  • Lead Role



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