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Tenjou no Hana

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Tenjou no Hana (2022)

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Country Japan
Season Year Fall 2022
Release Date Dec 31, 2022
Runtime 125
Distributor Uzumasa
Licensed No
Native Title 天上の花
English Title Heavenly Flower
Alternate Title(s) A Flower in Heaven


For 16 years and 4 months, I kept thinking of you…

Miyoshi Tatsuji, who looks up to his mentor Hagiwara Sakutaro, wishes to marry Sakutaro’s youngest sister—the beautiful Keiko. For being no more than a poor shosei, Miyoshi is looked down upon and his interest in Keiko is rejected. Ten years later, however, Keiko bereaves the loss of her husband and moves on to marry Miyoshi, who leaves his wife and children. Quietly, and in the midst of the Pacific War, the couple retreat to Mikuni, Echizen where they build a new home in which a harsh life of snowy winter awaits. Although Miyoshi has a pure literary intention and fastidious outlook on life, he harbors both love and hatred for the uninhibited Keiko, which becomes uncontrollable with incognizant passion…





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