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Tamaneko, Tamabito

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Tamaneko, Tamabito (2022)

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Country Japan
Season Year Fall 2022
Release Date Nov 5, 2022
Runtime 91
Distributor Kirokubito
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title たまねこ、たまびと


From Tokyo to Kanagawa, the Tama River flows–and what some may not know is the community of abandoned cats living here or the people who look after them. The river has long-since been a place many deserted cats have the cruel fate of calling it home, dying from starvation, typhoons, and enduring abuse from heartless individuals. 

Although photographer Konishi Osamu has dedicated over 30 years of documenting these animals, the film depicts his activities over a two year period and his interactions with homeless as well as volunteers and their continuing efforts to aid precious life.





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