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Soshite Boku wa Tohoni Kureru

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Movie / Soshite Boku wa Tohoni Kureru /

Soshite Boku wa Tohoni Kureru (2023)

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2023
Release Date Jan 13, 2023
Runtime 122
Distributor Phantom Film
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title そして僕は途方に暮れる
English Title And So I'm at a Loss


After a petty quarrel with his long-time girlfriend (Maeda Atsuko), self-indulgent freeter Sugawara Yuichi (Fujigaya Taisuke) rushes out of the home they share and begins wandering from place to place. Dropping in on his sister, old college-mates, and friends, he always leaves as soon as the situation becomes uncomfortable. He finally settles on visiting his mother (Harada Mieko) in Tomakomai, but even then things somehow turn awkward and he takes off into the Hokkaido snow. At a loss with nowhere to go, he encounters a man who’s no stranger to running away – his father (Toyokawa Etsushi), who he hasn’t seen in ten years. Offering his son a place to stay, Yuichi accepts, deciding to cut himself off from others by powering off his phone…

Release Dates: Oct 28, 2022 (TIFF) || Jan 13, 2023 (Cinema)



  • Maeda Atsuko as Suzuki Satomi
  • Support Role
  • Yuichi's girlfriend
  • Karina as Sugawara Kaori
  • Support Role
  • Yuichi's sister
  • Harada Mieko as Sugawara Tomoko
  • Support Role
  • Yuichi's mother



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