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“Sore” ga Iru Mori

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“Sore” ga Iru Mori (2022)

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Country Japan
Season Year Summer 2022
Release Date Sep 30, 2022
Runtime 107
Distributor Shochiku
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title “それ”がいる森
English Title It's in the Forest


Tanaka Junichi (Aiba Masaki), a farmer living the single divorcee life out in the country, finds himself rooming with his son, Kazuya (Uehara Kenshin), after the boy makes an unexpected visit all the way from Tokyo. Both face more than they bargain for, though, when a mysterious phenomenon begins occurring in the nearby woods–and if that’s not disturbing enough, suspicious deaths and disappearances are plaguing the town, and they bear witness to an unidentifiable creature. Knee-deep in the strange occurrences, what Junichi doesn’t know – alongside his son’s homeroom teacher Eri (Matsumoto Honoka) – is that this is just the beginning of an unknown terror.





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