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Soratobu Taiya

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Soratobu Taiya (2018)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2018
Release Date Jun 15, 2018
Runtime 120
Licensed No
Native Title 空飛ぶタイヤ


One day, a sudden trailer wheel detachment accident occurred. Suspecting poor maintenance, the president of the transportation company, Akamatsu Tatsuro (Nagase Tomoya), became aware of the vehicle’s defects. He demanded a re-investigation from Sawada Yuta (Fujioka Dean), the head of the customer strategy department at Hope Motors, the leading automotive company and the manufacturer of the vehicle. Around the same time, Izaki Kazuki (Takahashi Issey), from the main branch sales headquarters of Hope Bank, harbored doubts about the business plan of the group’s company, Hope Motors, leading him to initiate an independent investigation. What they each discovered led to the revelation of a truth hidden by the corporate giant – a “recall cover-up.” Is it truly an accident, or is it an intentional incident?




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