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Senritsu Seshimeyo

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Senritsu Seshimeyo (2022)

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2022
Release Date Jan 28, 2022
Runtime 89
Distributor Toyoda Films
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title 戦慄せしめよ
English Title Shiver


Kodo, a Japanese taiko performance troupe that travels around and entertains the world, is based in Sado island off the coast of Niigata Prefecture. A contemporary musician, Hino Koshiro, stayed on the island for a month and composed songs for Kodo. Directed by Toyoda Toshiaki, the film is a record of the performance of these pieces. With mystical lands and mythology as background, the entirety of the film is made of performance footage. From the quiet swells in the music in the first half to the loud sounds in the second half, each performance gives off a different impression. The immensity and skills of the entire group beating the drums without the slightest hitch or disruption is a breathtaking sight.





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