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San gatsu no Lion Kohen

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San gatsu no Lion Kohen (2017)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2017
Release Date Apr 22, 2017
Runtime 139
Licensed No
Native Title 3月のライオン 後編
English Title March Goes out Like a Lamb
Alternate Title(s) March Comes in Like a Lion 2


With friendship of other shogi players and the care of the Kawamoto sisters, Kiriyama Rei’s frozen heart melts as he starts to truly appreciate shogi and the world he lives in. However, the Kawamoto sisters begin to face the troubles of bullying and the return of their unwelcome father. Determined to protect the sisters from getting hurt, Rei decides to rise to the top as a professional player and face the god of shogi of this era, Soya Toji.





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