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Rurou no Tsuki

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Rurou no Tsuki (2022)

10 stars 1 reviews

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2022
Release Date May 13, 2022
Runtime 150
Distributor Gaga Corporation
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title 流浪の月
English Title The Wandering Moon
Alternate Title(s) Wandering


On a rainy evening, 19-year-old university student Saeki Fumi happens to meet 9-year-old Kanai Sarasa in the park. Although she is separated from her parents and lives with her aunt, she tells Saeki that she doesn’t want to go back to her aunt. Saeki takes Kanai Sarasa to his apartment where they live together for the next two months. However, Fumi is arrested for kidnapping and labeled a dangerous kidnapper as Kanai is seen as his victim. Fifteen years later, Kanai Sarasa and Saeki Fumi happen to meet each other…



  • Shuri as Anzai Kanako
  • Support Role



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1 Reviews for Rurou no Tsuki

  • Varsha
    January 20, 2024
    varsha1702’s review – Rurou no Tsuki
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