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Punk Samurai, Sararete Soro

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Punk Samurai, Sararete Soro (2018)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2018
Release Date Jun 30, 2018
Runtime 131
Distributor Toei
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title パンク侍、斬られて候
English Title Punk Samurai Slash Down
Alternate Title(s) Punk Samurai


In search of employment and a permanent position and having committed murder the ronin Kake Junoshin tells the Kurokaze (‘black wave’) Han clan that a religious cult is aiming for their destruction. This gets him in, but he is soon disproved and arrested. Given the death sentence and awaiting death he has to be quick on his feet and figure out a way to get himself out of the hole. Then the resurrection occurs.





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