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Otoko no Isshou

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Otoko no Isshou (2015)

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2015
Release Date Feb 14, 2015
Runtime 119
Licensed No
Native Title 娚の一生
English Title Her Granddaughter
Alternate Title(s) Lifetime of a Man


In the wake of her grandmother’s death, Dozono Tsugumi, who used to work at a large electronics company in Tokyo, decides to move to the home her grandmother left behind, in the countryside, and work from home. One day, a mysterious middle-aged man named Kaieda Jun arrives at the home wanting to stay the night. He tells Tsugumi that he is her grandmother’s ex-student and that her grandmother gave him a key to the annex house. Tsugumi doesn’t quite understand the nature of the relationship Kaieda had with her grandmother, but the two begin living together in an awkward arrangement.



  • Minami
  • Support Role
  • Secretary



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