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Osaka Yamikin

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Osaka Yamikin (2021)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2021
Release Date Apr 10, 2021
Runtime 100
Distributor Rights Cube
Licensed No
Native Title 大阪闇金
English Title Osaka Loan Shark


Previously sentenced to two years in prison, Haruo Sugimura is scouted by Sakai–a loan shark he met by chance–and starts working with him for a company called Minami Hachi Ban Kogyo. It is an old-fashioned typical illegal loan company, charging 10% interest every 10 days and the lending is done by interviewing the borrower and getting him to sign an IOU. The president, Soemon Minami, and his son, Sanzo Minami, are in charge of interviews and lending, while Sakai is in charge of collections. The office is also staffed by salesman Nezu and clerk Fukada. Sugimura learns the work of a loan shark from Nezu and Sakai, and begins to collect from various borrowers.

Sugimura gradually learns the ropes of the business as he meets borrowers, comes to understand that both friends and foes exist within illegal loaning, and that his life may be in danger depending on the situation. Through the loan shark business, Sugimura learns about the dark side of people and money in both upper and underground of society…





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