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Omae no Tsumi wo Jihaku Shiro

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Movie / Omae no Tsumi wo Jihaku Shiro /

Omae no Tsumi wo Jihaku Shiro (2023)

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Country Japan
Season Year Fall 2023
Release Date Oct 20, 2023
Runtime 101
Distributor Shochiku
Licensed No
Native Title おまえの罪を自白しろ
English Title Confess Your Sins
Alternate Title(s) Confess to Your Crimes


Renowned director Nobuo Mizuta, known for “I Am Makimoto” and “Apology King,” brings to life the eponymous novel by popular author Yuichi Shishinbo in this socially conscious suspense film.

It follows the trajectory of a kidnapping incident involving the granddaughter of a political dynasty, the Uda family.

Koji, the second son of the political family, founded an architectural company that eventually went bankrupt. While serving as the secretary to his father, Seijiro, a parliamentarian embroiled in political scandals, Koji struggles through his days.

One fateful day, the young daughter of the Uda family’s eldest daughter is kidnapped. The ransom demanded isn’t money, but rather a confession from Seijiro about a “sin” he committed, to be announced in a press conference by 5 p.m. the next day. This sin has the potential to shake the foundations of the nation, yet Seijiro, clinging to power, refuses to confess.

In a bid to save his family, Koji rises to uncover the truth hidden within the sin…



  • Minami as Kamiya Misaki
  • Support Role
  • Asari Yosuke as Ogata Tsuneyuki
  • Support Role
  • Mayumi's husband
  • Sato Renwa as Ogata Yuzuha
  • Support Role
  • Mayumi's daughter



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