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Nemesis Movie: Ougon Rasen no Nazo

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Nemesis Movie: Ougon Rasen no Nazo (2023)

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2023
Release Date Mar 31, 2023
Runtime 99
Distributor Warner Bros. Japan
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title 映画 ネメシス 黄金螺旋の謎


Yokohama’s detective agency Nemesis receives a sudden request to find a man’s abducted dog that comes with heavy compensation—if they can return it unharmed! The sleuthy duo, Mikami Anna and Kazama Naoki (Hirose Suzu and Sakurai Sho), begin their investigation on the spot, but things become strange when a beaten corpse disappears before Anna’s eyes. As they take a deeper dive into the two cases, pandora’s box opens, unleashing a series of nightmares and ensnaring them in a trap like a maze without exits. To solve this mystery is to die—but what is the terrible secret?



  • Tomita Miu as Koyamakawa Kaoru
  • Support Role
  • Taka's and Yuji's pro babysitter
  • Kato Ryo as Ryo Yoichi
  • Support Role
  • Owner and chef of the Dr Haotsu restaurant
  • Maki Yoko as Kanda Nagisa
  • Support Role
  • Anna's aunt
  • Eishin as Trolly
  • Support Role
  • Nemesis adversary with the height
  • Sasano Takashi as Enokido Rikimaru
  • Support Role
  • Nemesis client who lost his dog!
  • Sato Koichi as Mado / Window
  • Support Role
  • Nemesis' mysterious adversary with the White Hair™



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