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Na mo Naki Sekai no End Roll

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Na mo Naki Sekai no End Roll (2021)

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2021
Release Date Jan 29, 2021
Runtime 109
Distributor Avex Pictures
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Licensed Yes
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Native Title 名も無き世界のエンドロール
English Title The Master Plan
Alternate Title(s) The End of the Tiny World , End Roll of the World Nameless , Endless World Without a Name


Growing up without parents, it was as if Kida (Iwata Takanori) and Makoto (Mackenyu) were destined to become lifelong friends. With no one to depend on but each other, the two boys quickly formed an unshakable bond. Spending their lives as outcasts, it wasn’t difficult for them to spot a kindred spirit in Yocchi (Anna Yamada), a transfer student who, like them, had no one around to care for her. Welcoming Yocchi into their little “family”, the three friends grew up happy enough; but that happiness wouldn’t last forever.

Suffering an incident at the age of twenty that would radically change their lives, Kida and Makoto vowed then and there to someday have their revenge on those who had shattered their peaceful little world. Though both determined to exact their revenge, the paths Kida and Makoto chose to take to get there were vastly different. Working as a “dark negotiator”, it has taken Kida years to firmly establish himself at the top of the criminal underworld. Meanwhile, Makoto has taken a different route, rising through the ranks of the corporate world to eventually become the CEO of a well-established trading company. Though one rules the underworld and the other reigns atop the higher echelons of respectable society, both seek to exact the same revenge.

After years of intricate plots and complex schemes, the two friends find the time to make their move has finally arrived. With a setup more than ten years in the making, the two friends exact their revenge with a play so powerful, it brings the entire nation to its knees.

Adapted from the novel, “The End of the Tiny World” by Kaoru Yukinari, “The Master Plan” is a 2021 suspense film directed by Yuichi Sato.



  • Mackenyu as Sawada Makoto / Onose Makoto
  • Lead Role



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