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Mimi wo Sumaseba

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Mimi wo Sumaseba (2022)

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Country Japan
Season Year Fall 2022
Release Date Oct 14, 2022
Runtime 111
Distributor Shochiku, Sony Pictures
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title 耳をすませば
English Title Whisper of the Heart


An enthusiastic middle-schooler who loves to read, Shizuku often glances at the library checkout cards — one name in particular stands out: Amasawa Seiji, a boy who has checked out every single book Shizuka has. Intrigued, she begins wondering what kind of person he might be… Certainly not the Seiji she first encounters, however, when the two finally meet! But first impressions aren’t everything, as Shizuku slowly becomes captivated by Seiji and his life’s passion. Soon after, Shizuku discovers a dream of her own when Seiji reveals he will be moving to Italy in order to make his a reality. Parting ways, they vow to meet again in ten years…

Shizuku now works at a publishing company as a children’s book editor while still pursuing her goals. Struggling as expected, she finds courage in thoughts of Seiji, but even that may not help when a mistake is made at work and she is forced to choose between continuing with her dream and giving it up. 



  • Otoo Takuma as Director Horiuchi
  • Support Role
  • Shizuku's Boss



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