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Made in Yamato

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Made in Yamato (2022)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2022
Release Date May 28, 2022
Runtime 120
Distributor Voice of Ghost
Licensed No
Native Title MADE IN YAMATO 「エリちゃんとクミちゃんの長く平凡な一日」


YAMAMOTO Akira’s “That Day, This Day, One Day” portrays various city office workers recording a video letter for a colleague who’s about to retire. In TOMINAGA Masanori’s “The Fourth Lie”, a father meets his daughter whom he lives apart from and is perplexed when he’s introduced to her stepfather. The daily life and miniature journey of a woman working at a municipal sports complex are depicted in TAKEUCHI Risa’s “Makie’s Adventure”. Two female friends create a time capsule and head out of the city to bury it in the woods in MIYAZAKI Daisuke’s “Eri and Kumi’s Long and Mediocre Day”. In KIYOHARA Yui’s “The Light of March”, a young pregnant woman wandering on the outskirts of town comes across an odd biker gang.





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