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Machi no Uede

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Machi no Uede (2021)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2021
Release Date Apr 9, 2021
Runtime 130
Distributor Not Available
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title 街の上で
English Title Over The Town
Alternate Title(s) On The Street
Theme songs:


Getting dumped is never easy and ARAKAWA Ao (WAKABA Ryuya) gets a particularly brutal drubbing when the love of his life, Yuki (HOSHI Moeka), admits to cheating on him in every way and tosses him aside to try life with the other guy. Lovelorn and stuck on Yuki, Ao carries on working at a second-hand clothing store and hanging out at the same bars and coffee shops in Shimokitazawa where mutual friends remind him of what he has lost. From the ashes comes hope as, despite the heartache, this seems to be the start of his “moteki” moment as three fascinating women enter his life, a bookseller (FURUKAWA Kotone), a costumier (NAKATA Seina) and a director (HAGIWARA Minori) who are all taken with Ao’s solitary air and his bluesy attitude. However, these three women could be using him just like Yuki did…

Continuing his career chronicling the many configurations of youthful coupledom, IMAIZUMI Rikiya hits upon a cute story of people searching for true love that is steeped in the atmosphere of Tokyo’s Shimokitazawa Ward, a town known currently changing just as much as the emotions of the characters.





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