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Kyo mo Iyagarase Bento

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Kyo mo Iyagarase Bento (2019)

7 stars 1 reviews

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2019
Release Date Jun 28, 2019
Runtime 106
Distributor Showgate
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title 今日も嫌がらせ弁当
English Title Bento Harassment


On Hachijo Island, where nature and humanity are plentiful, single-mother Kaori lives with her second daughter Futaba—a cute girl who, now in high school, has entered a rebellious phase in which she won’t even speak if spoken to. In tit for tat battle, Kaori continues making the cutesy homemade bento her daughter despises until they eventually take on a new meaning that bear valuable messages.

Based on the 2015 essay by Kaori (ttkk).





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1 Reviews for Kyo mo Iyagarase Bento

  • Lani1630
    March 11, 2024
    Lani1630’s review – Kyo mo Iyagarase Bento
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