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Koukou Debut

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Koukou Debut (2011)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2011
Release Date Apr 1, 2011
Runtime 93
Distributor Asmik Ace Entertainment
Licensed No
Native Title 高校デビュー
English Title High School Debut


Nagashima Haruna (Ohno Ito) is an immersive softball player, but she has a whole new aim now that she’s entering high school: to fall head over heals and snag a boyfriend. Sadly for her, Haruna has no idea how to do this, but Yoh (Mizobata Junpei) just might be the answer to her prayers. After the two have a chance encounter, he agrees to be her “coach” and sets out to help transform the tomboy into a girl who’ll attract the boy of her dreams–but only on the condition that she must not fall in love with him!


  • Ohno Ito as Nagashima Haruna
  • Lead Role
  • Suda Masaki as Tamura Fumiya
  • Support Role
  • Yoh's bestfriend
  • Aizawa Rina as Komiyama Asami
  • Support Role
  • Yoh's sister
  • Furukawa Yuki as Asaoka Yui
  • Support Role
  • Yoh's other bestfriend
  • Miyazawa Sae as Takahashi Mami
  • Support Role
  • Haruna's bestfriend
  • Okamoto Rei as Kurihara Makoto
  • Support Role
  • Yoh's ex-girlfriend
  • Masuda Yuka as Matsuzaka Leona
  • Support Role
  • Haruna's rival
  • Konno Hiroki as Man in charge of the city questionnaire
  • Support Role



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