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Konya, Romance Gekijo de

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Konya, Romance Gekijo de (2018)

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2018
Release Date Feb 10, 2018
Runtime 108
Distributor Warner Bros. Japan
Licensed No
Native Title 今夜、ロマンス劇場で
English Title Tonight, At Romance Theater
Alternate Title(s) Tonight, At The Movies, Color Me True


Aspiring director Kenji is smitten with the star of his favorite retro film, a beautiful but stubborn heroine called Princess Miyuki. He’s always wanted to meet the princess but she’s from a bygone era when films were still black and white. Through a strange twist of fate, Miyuki leaps out of the silver screen and joins Kenji in a world filled with color—and she’s feistier off-screen!

Set in a 60’s film studio, Color Me True is both a love story and a love letter to classic cinema. Sharing the same production team as the hugely successful Thermae Romae films, this charming tale of romance promises laughter and tears!



  • Kato Go as Makino Kenji
  • Support Role
  • Old



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