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Kono Chiisana Te

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Kono Chiisana Te (2023)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2023
Release Date Apr 8, 2023
Runtime 90
Distributor Fulmotelmo Inc.
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title この小さな手
English Title Hold Your Hand
Alternate Title(s) These Small Hands
Theme songs:


Kazuma (Takeda Kouhei)—a man with a family, but certainly no family man—spends a night out drinking and sleeps the night away at a pub. It’s not until later that he learns his wife Sayuri (Ando Sei) has been hospitalized following an incident, and his daughter Hina (Sato Renwa) was surrendered to an orphanage. Although he comes to retrieve his daughter, Kazuma has never concerned himself with the responsibilities of child rearing and is not permitted to take Hina home. Kazuma grows more desperate as Sayuri remains in a coma, but takes it upon himself to reconnect with his daughter… If only she didn’t cry every time he comes to visit. Has she forgotten who her father is?



  • Ando Sei as Yoshimura Sayuri
  • Support Role



Theme Song 1

Theme Song 2

Theme Song 3

  • Aoki Karen
  • "Kono Chiisana Te" (Main)
  • "この小さな手"

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