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Kamen Rider Revice: Battle Familia

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Kamen Rider Revice: Battle Familia (2022)

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Country Japan
Season Year Summer 2022
Release Date Jul 22, 2022
Runtime 62
Distributor Toei
Official Site
Licensed No


A hijacking incident has occurred! Genta and Yukimi, alongside several other passengers, have been kidnapped by the criminal named Azuma and taken to the forbidden land known as Area 666. The Igarashi siblings rush to save the hostages but are met with Azuma, who transforms into Kamen Rider Daimon with a strange belt in his hand. He attacks the Igarashi siblings with the intent of judging humanity himself.

The mysterious scientist Soutomi, who was kidnapped alongside Genta and Yukimi, then reveals a great secret within the Igarashi family and hunts them down, while setting up a trap that prepares them for their greatest crisis ever.

At the end of the fierce battle with Azuma, what will become of the ultimate buddy that Ikki and Vice have? Will it shatter or transcend into an unwavering bond?



  • Hyuga Wataru as Igarashi Daiji / Kagero
  • Lead Role
  • Kamen Rider Live / Kamen Rider Evil
  • Imoto Ayaka as Igarashi Sakura
  • Lead Role
  • Kamen Rider Jeanne



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