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Joppari Kango no Hito Hanada Miki

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Joppari Kango no Hito Hanada Miki (2024)

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Country Japan
Season Year Summer 2024
Release Date Jul 2, 2024
Runtime 90
Distributor Portrait
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Licensed No
Native Title じょっぱり 看護の人 花田ミキ


Depicts the life of Hanada Miki, a nurse known as “Aomori’s Nightingale”, who dedicated her life to health and nursing.
Chisato, who was busy raising her son as a single mother, meets Hanada Miki, a regular at the supermarket where she works. Hanada, famous in the neighborhood for being a misanthropic person gradually opens up and connects with Chisato and Riku through their casual everyday interactions, experiencing the warmth of human connection and naturally bonding with them. Hanada confesses to Chisato that she used to be a nurse and begins to open up about the social conditions at that time and how she has lived her life to this day. In her youth, Hanada Miki was a figure who vigorously promoted the treatment of polio, which had caused a mass infection at the Hachinohe Red Cross Hospital, carrying out her nursing duties with more determination than anyone else while enduring through it. Since Chisato’s own mother, who passed away when she was young, had been a nurse, she begins to feel a sense of closeness to Hanada because of this connection…



  • Ourin as Chisato
  • Support Role
  • Ise Kayo as Hanada Miki (Younger)
  • Support Role



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