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Houtei Yuugi

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Houtei Yuugi (2023)

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Country Japan
Season Year Fall 2023
Release Date Nov 10, 2023
Runtime 97
Distributor Toei
Official Site
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Licensed No
Native Title 法廷遊戯
English Title Court Game
Alternate Title(s) Hotei Yugi


Kiyoyoshi Kuga (played by Nagase Ren), who attends law school with the aim of becoming a lawyer, and his childhood friend Orimoto Mirei (played by Sugisaki Hana), who studies law at the same school, along with the genius Yuki Kaoru (played by Kitamura Takumi), who presides over the “Innocence Game,” a mock trial conducted by law school students, were all immersed in their studies every day. After passing the bar exam and becoming a lawyer, Kuga receives an invitation from Kaoru to play the Innocence Game. However, when he arrives at the designated location, he finds Mirei holding a blood-stained knife and Kaoru already dead. This incident triggers the emergence of past events and truths surrounding the three individuals, leading to unexpected twists and turns.





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