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Harumatsu Bokura

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Harumatsu Bokura (2018)

8 stars 1 reviews

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Country Japan
Season Year Fall 2018
Release Date Dec 14, 2018
Runtime 109
Licensed Yes
Licensor Link
Native Title 春待つ僕ら
English Title Waiting for Spring


Mitsuki is shy and rather isolated at school. Towa is on the basketball team and Mitsuki’s class-mate. Due to circumstances, Mitsuki soon begins to socialize with four jocks of the basketball team, which affects her self-esteem, her social status, her loneliness and her life. She finds a new lease in her school life.





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1 Reviews for Harumatsu Bokura

  • Varsha
    January 20, 2024
    varsha1702’s review – Harumatsu Bokura
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