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Haken Anime!

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Haken Anime! (2022)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2022
Release Date May 20, 2022
Runtime 129
Distributor Toei
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title ハケンアニメ!
English Title Anime Supremacy!


In the difficult world of Japanese animation production, three different women struggle to keep working and succeed.



  • Yoshioka Riho as Saito Hitomi
  • Lead Role
  • Tokei Animation Director
  • Emoto Tasuku as Yukishiro Osamu
  • Lead Role
  • Tokei Animation Producer
  • Ono Machiko as Arishina Kayako
  • Lead Role
  • Studio Edge Producer
  • Kudo Asuka as Munemori Shuhei
  • Support Role
  • City Tourism Staff
  • Ono Karin as Namisawa Kazuna
  • Support Role
  • 'Fine Garden' Animator
  • Tokui Yuu as Maeyamada
  • Support Role
  • Screenwriter
  • Rokkaku Seiji as Seki
  • Support Role
  • 'Fine Garden' President and Animator



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1 Reviews for Haken Anime!

  • chihayadayo
    July 24, 2023
    chihayadayo’s review – Haken Anime!
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