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Bon-Uta (2019)

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2019
Release Date Feb 15, 2019
Runtime 134
Distributor Bitters End
Licensed No
Native Title 盆唄
English Title BON-UTA, A Song From Home


In 2015, four years after the Tohoku earthquake, those in Futaba, Yamanashi remain in shelters and worry over losing an ancestral tradition known as Bon Uta. In the midst of this, they learn that Japanese immigrants brought over the Bon Odori to Hawaii, and–more than 100 years later–it remains a beloved tradition called Fukushima Ondo. With hope renewed, the townsfolk of Futaba travel to Maui to perform Bon Uta in this 3-year undertaking by Directer Nakae Yuji, whose research projects the performing arts of Futaba alongside music associated with the Hawaiin bond.





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