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Atashi no!

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Atashi no! (2024)

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Country Japan
Season Year Fall 2024
Release Date Oct 31, 2024
Distributor Gaga Corporation
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title あたしの!
English Title He's Mine!


Release date TBA!
Sekikawa Akoko is an honest person who always speaks her mind. At the start of her second year of high school, Mitomo Naomi, the most popular student in school who is one year her senior, ends up in the same grade as her due to repeating a year. Akoko falls in love with him at first sight. Meanwhile, her childhood best friend since elementary school, Mitsuki, claims to not be interested but is acting suspiciously. Believing in the motto “the early bird gets the worm” Akoko confesses her feelings to Naomi, but she is swiftly rejected. Although Akoko is disheartened, she learns from his best friend the reason why he doesn’t want a girlfriend. Hearing this, she decides to continue liking him. Meanwhile, Mitsuki also begins to get closer to Naomi.





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