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Ano Koro

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Ano Koro (2021)

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2021
Release Date Feb 19, 2021
Runtime 117
Distributor Phantom Film
Licensed No
Native Title あの頃
English Title In Those Days


They thought it would last forever, being like junior high schoolers on eternal summer break. Having failed to get into graduate school, with no girlfriend, no money, and no prospects of success with his band, Tsurugi’s life has reached rock bottom. One day, after watching the video of Aya Matsuura’s song Momoiro Kataomoi, he becomes obsessed with the idol singers of Hello. Project, and plunges into the idol geek lifestyle. He hooks up with a bunch of idiosyncratic geeks like himself, including the stingy and prideful Kozumin, who speaks passionately about the charms of Miki Fujimoto. They perform talk events, appear at a campus festival to raise awareness about Hello. Project, and even form a band called Renai Kenkyukai. In this dumb but adorable way, Tsurugi enjoys reliving his youth to the fullest.





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