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Zenkai Girl

Drama / Zenkai Girl /

Zenkai Girl (2011)

7.5 out of 10 (2 reviews)

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Country Japan
Season Year Summer 2011
Air Dates Jul 11, 2011 – Sep 19, 2011
Episodes 11
Network(s) Fuji TV
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title 全開ガール
English Title Full Throttle Girl


Devoted to becoming an international lawyer, Ayukawa Wakaba is full of ambition. Her hard work pays off when she lands a job at an international law firm, but to her disappointment, the first prestigious assignment that is given to her is to babysit the boss’ 5 year old daughter, Hinata. Wakaba loathes kids and nursing, but unwillingly takes on the job as she is fixated on wealth and success. One day when she goes to a preschool to pick up Hinata, she meets a man named Yamada Sota. Sota is a man without higher education, wealth, or a future goal, someone that Wakaba absolutely cannot stand, the complete opposite of her ideals. Once again, contrary to her will, she ends up looking after Hinata and a few other kids along with Sota. Despite being exhausted from all the first-time experiences in child care, Wakaba begins to realize what is truly important to her. A heart-warming comedy about work, relationships and love.


  • Aoki Keito as Chabo Junior
  • Support Role
  • Hiroshi's Son



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2 Reviews for Zenkai Girl

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    December 11, 2023
    profippun’s review – Zenkai Girl
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    May 30, 2023
    IamFish’s review – Zenkai Girl
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  • IamFish
    May 30, 2023
    IamFish’s review – Zenkai Girl
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