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Yozakura Osome

Drama / Yozakura Osome /

Yozakura Osome (2003)

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Country Japan
Season Year Fall 2003
Air Dates Oct 14, 2003 – Jan 27, 2004
Episodes 10
Runtime 54
Timeslot Tuesday at 7:00 pm
Licensed No
Native Title 夜桜お染


Osome is an ex-geisha performer who lost her parents in a fire when she was 6-years old. She then is separated
from her older brother, who goes missing. While she tries to investigate the fire that killed her parents, an officer,
Yoshikawa reveals that her father used to be a shogunate spy. Osome decides to become a spy herself under
Yoshikawa, to find the man who killed her parents and to seek out her lost brother.



  • Arona as Kikukawa Ayame
  • Support Role



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