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Trace: Kasouken no Otoko

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Drama / Trace: Kasouken no Otoko /

Trace: Kasouken no Otoko (2019)

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2019
Air Dates Jan 7, 2019 – Mar 18, 2019
Episodes 11
Network(s) Fuji TV
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title トレース~科捜研の男~
English Title Trace: Men of the Science School


Reiji Mano is a forensic science researcher at the Scientific Research Laboratory in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. He is good at his job, possessing a vast amount of knowledge and having excellent technique. However, he is a lone wolf who does not cooperate with others. When he works on a case, he focuses exclusively on hard facts, ignoring speculation. Reiji Mano hates the media and their thirst for sensational news. When he was a child, Reiji Mano experienced a terrible case. He has looked for the truth in that case ever since. Nonna Sawaguchi is a rookie forensic science researcher who begins to work with Reiji Mano. Because of their work together, Reiji Mano begins to open his mind to others and Nonna Sawaguchi matures as a forensic science researcher.



  • Koyuki as Kaizuka Ritsuko
  • Support Role
  • Kura Yuki as Minamoto Yoshikazu
  • Support Role
  • Natsuko as Minamoto Hitomi
  • Support Role



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