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Seigi wa Katsu

Drama / Seigi wa Katsu /

Seigi wa Katsu (1995)

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Country Japan
Season Year Fall 1995
Air Dates Oct 18, 1995 – Dec 20, 1995
Episodes 10
Runtime 54
Timeslot Wednesday at 9:00 pm
Network(s) Fuji TV
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title 正義は勝つ
English Title Justice for All!
Theme songs:
  • "愛までもうすぐだから" by Oda Yuji (main)


“It’s not winning or losing, what’s important is that justice is served.” When ace lawyer Junpei Takaoka of Central Law Office says this does he really mean it? Perhaps not, but Kyoko Himeno, a young idealistic lawyer, takes both justice and Takaoka to heart. This suspenseful courtroom drama follows two law firms and their lawyers who know that justice is important and winning is everything! – Fuji Creative


  • Tani Kei as Tsukada Hitoshi
  • Support Role



Theme Song 1

  • Oda Yuji
  • "愛までもうすぐだから" (Main)

Theme Song 2

Theme Song 3

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