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Re: Revenge -Yokubo no Hate ni-

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Drama / Re: Revenge -Yokubo no Hate ni- /

Re: Revenge -Yokubo no Hate ni- (2024)

7.5 out of 10 (2 reviews)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2024
Air Dates Apr 11, 2024 –
Runtime 54
Timeslot Thursday at 10:00 pm
Network(s) Fuji TV
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title Re:リベンジ-欲望の果てに-
English Title Re: Revenge -In the End of Desire-
Alternate Title(s) Re:复仇-在欲望的尽头-(mandarin), Riribe りりべ (short nick), Re: Ribenji - Yokubou no Hate Ni (romaji)
Theme songs:


Tendo Kaito is the son of the chairman of Tendo Memorial Hospital, one of Japan’s largest hospitals. As a result of a disagreement with his father, Kaito did not become a doctor and now works as a journalist for a weekly magazine at a publishing company. Despite being caught up in the demands of work every day, he was planning to propose to his girlfriend, with whom his relationship was progressing smoothly in private. However, before he could propose, he learns his father has been involved in an incident, which then leads him to visit his estranged father’s hospital. As a result of this incident, Kaito learns his father’s true intentions and recalls an important promise made with him in the past. However, various problems are hidden within the hospital left behind by his father, and power struggles are also brewing as individuals vie for the position of chairman. As a result, Kaito decides to fight against the power struggle to reclaim the important things his father had built and to protect those he loves…



  • Akaso Eiji as Tendo Kaito
  • Lead Role
  • Son of Tendo Tomonobu
  • Nishikido Ryo as Otomo Fumiya
  • Support Role
  • Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery, beneficiary of Tendo Tomonobu
  • Yoshine Kyoko as Asahina Hizuki
  • Support Role
  • Pediatric Nurse, Tendo Memorial Hospital
  • Sasano Takashi as Tendo Koichiro
  • Support Role
  • President of Tendo Memorial Hospital, Tendo Kaito's grandfather
  • Mikami Ai as Kinoshita Saya
  • Support Role
  • Reporter, Buncho Weekly
  • Shiroyama Noa as Asahina Misaki
  • Support Role
  • Sister of Asahina Hizuki
  • Riju Go as Takamura Minoru
  • Support Role
  • Secretary to Tendo Tomonobu
  • Yo Kimiko as Tendo Ichiko
  • Support Role
  • Daughter of Tendo Koichiro, Hospital Director
  • Nakajima Arisa as Ayano Nagata
  • Support Role
  • Secretary to hospital President
  • Aoki Yuzu as Tendo Yuma
  • Support Role
  • Son of Tendo Ichiko, PR Department at Tendo Memorial
  • Kajihara Zen as Ayukawa Kenji
  • Support Role
  • Chief of Surgery, board director
  • Ogi Shigemitsu as Miwa Mitsunari
  • Support Role
  • Deputy hospital director, board director
  • Mitsuishi Ken as Tendo Tomonobu
  • Support Role
  • Chairman, Tendo Memorial Hospital, adopted son-in-law of Tendo Koichiro
  • Nagase Riko as Kitani Keiko
  • Support Role
  • Nurse, Tendo Memorial Hospital
  • Episode(s): 1, 2, 4
  • Tanabe Kazuya as Mochizuki Hayato
  • Support Role
  • Hospital board of directors
  • Machida Yuu as Yabuta Daisuke
  • Support Role
  • Buncho Weekly Desk head, Shinei Publishing
  • Uchida Chika as Okada Chihiro
  • Support Role
  • Cardiovascular Surgeon
  • Episode(s): 6, 7
  • Hashimoto Atsushi as Wakabayashi Yusuke
  • Support Role
  • Cardiovascular surgeon
  • Episode(s): 6, 7
  • Oomizu Yousuke as Kimura Masashi
  • Support Role
  • Reporter
  • Episode(s): 4, 5, 6
  • Kondo Yoko as Takeuchi Sanae
  • Support Role
  • Head Nurse
  • Matsunaga Arisa as Honma Shiori
  • Support Role
  • Paediatric nurse
  • Episode(s): 3



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2 Reviews for Re: Revenge -Yokubo no Hate ni-

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    May 13, 2024
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  • yumilli
    April 15, 2024
    yumilli’s review – Re: Revenge -Yokubo no Hate ni-
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