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Oshi wo Meshiagare: Koho Girl no Maroyakana Hibi

Drama / Oshi wo Meshiagare: Koho Girl no Maroyakana Hibi /

Oshi wo Meshiagare: Koho Girl no Maroyakana Hibi (2024)

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2024
Air Dates Jan 10, 2024 –
Timeslot Wednesday at 1:00 am
Network(s) TV Tokyo
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title 推しを召し上がれ~広報ガールのまろやかな日々~


While searching for a job, Hodaishi Yuzu becomes hooked on a novel about yogurt and becomes a huge fan of the bacteria lactobacillus bulgaricus that appears in the novel. Meanwhile, I is a lactobacillus bulgaricus and upon seeing Yuzu, jumps out of the package of yogurt and possesses her, continuing to follow her as an invisible presence. After working hard to find a job, Yuzu finally gets hired by Meiwa Co. Ltd., a long-established food manufacturer, and is eventually assigned to work for the company in Osaka. As she was making progress in her career however, she is unexpectedly transferred to the public relations department at the head office. While struggling with her work and the unfamiliar city life, she is assigned to write an article for the in-house magazine that features Meiwa Yogurt’s 50th Anniversary.



  • Asumi Rio as Midorikawa Itsumi
  • Support Role



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