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Ningen Kowai

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Drama / Ningen Kowai /

Ningen Kowai (2022)

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2022
Air Dates Feb 6, 2022 – Mar 6, 2022
Episodes 5
Timeslot Sunday at 11:00 pm
Network(s) WOWOW
Licensed No
Native Title にんげんこわい
English Title Scary Human


The blind masseur, Umeki (played by Higashide Masahiro), one day hears a story that making a pilgrimage to the Yakushi Shrine in Kayabacho after receiving 100 blessings from the geisha Koharu (played by Matsumoto Kiyo) will make all wishes come true. Intrigued by this, Umeki decides to visit the Yakushi Shrine. On the 100th day of his pilgrimage, upon returning home, Umeki realizes that his eyes have opened. However, his wife, Otake (played by Kuroki Haru), who has supported him, wears a somewhat uneasy expression. A few days later, Umeki learns from a client that Otake is considered less attractive compared to Koharu.


  • Kitaro
  • Lead Role
  • Episode(s): 3
  • Nao as Kimi
  • Lead Role
  • Episode(s): 4, 5



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