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Kyokugen Fuufu

Drama / Kyokugen Fuufu /

Kyokugen Fuufu (2024)

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2024
Air Dates Jan 19, 2024 –
Episodes 10
Timeslot Friday at 12:40 am
Network(s) DMM TV, KTV
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title 極限夫婦
English Title Extreme Married Couple


The live-action adaptation of the manga Kyokugen Fuufu is the first series of a collaboration between DMM TV and KTV.
It tells three stories of three different married couples, with each revealing the true nature of their terrible husbands.
In the first chapter, “The Case of the Funakoshi Couple” (eps 1-3), Matsumura Sayuri plays as Momoko, a serious housewife who continues to devote herself to her sadist husband and former boss Takahiro who treats her like a housekeeper.
Chapter 2 focuses on “The Case of the Tamagawa Couple” (eps 4-6) in which Anzu (Okamoto Rei) is a career woman struggling with fertility issues. Her husband is Naoki, a narcissistic, no-good husband (Kiriyama Renn).
Chapter 3, “The Case of the Hokuto Couple” (eps 7-10) tells the story of Aki (Kitano Kie), a mother whose family and uncooperative husband forcefully impose the idea that women should take care of all the house duties and childcare.





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