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Kouiu no ga Ii

Drama / Kouiu no ga Ii /

Kouiu no ga Ii (2023)

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Country Japan
Season Year Fall 2023
Air Dates Oct 29, 2023 –
Timeslot Sunday at 12:55 am
Network(s) ABC, DMM TV, TVer
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title こういうのがいい
English Title I Like This Kind of Thing
Theme songs:


Murata and Tomoka, who are both tired of their past relationships meet at an offline game meeting and end up becoming friends before heading to a love hotel. The two hit it off and as they continue to meet their relationship progresses into an unusual “loose and easy-going” one where they can talk about anything, while having a good time together. The daily life of Murata and Tomoka, who have become “freedom friends” (friends with benefits) begins…





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