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Konna Tokoro de Uragiri Meshi

Drama / Konna Tokoro de Uragiri Meshi /

Konna Tokoro de Uragiri Meshi (2024)

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2024
Air Dates Jan 19, 2024 –
Episodes 10
Runtime 30
Timeslot Friday at 1:04 am
Network(s) Chukyo TV
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title こんなところで裏切り飯
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Sakakibara Shoichiro, the powerful president who single-handedly built the nationwide hotel chain “Sakakibara Hotel Group,” was troubled.
“I haven’t been impressed by anything I’ve eaten lately. Perhaps because I’ve tried all the gourmet dishes from across Japan…” Just then, a mysterious woman named Onodera Mariko (played by Ayara Shida) arrives as the temporary secretary filling in for maternity leave. While everyone in the company fears Sakakibara, by a twist of fate, Mariko is appointed as Sakakibara’s travel assistant.
“Listen… attending to the president’s meals is the most pressure-inducing task for a secretary.”
However, despite saying that Sakakibara had tasted all the gourmet dishes across the country, what Mariko prepared for him on the business trip was… a surprising “betrayal meal.”





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